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Tracey Lindberg
her first novel

Teachers' Guide for "Birdie"

Curricular Connections Birdie could fit well in the grades 10 and 11 English Curriculum. It is particularly well suited to schools that address Identity, Relationships with Family and Others, Social Responsibility, Societal Change, Indigenous Peoples and ideas and models of Social Responsibility, Social Action (agency), Culture and Society and Politics, Governance and Anti-colonial History. Of course, Canadian and Indigenous Literature are natural fits for the work.

With respect to grade 12 English Curriculum, the novel allows Educators and Students to engage with Social Responsibility, Perspectives, History, Political Movements, Social and Cultural Theory and Practices, and Social Action (agency). Birdie can of course be taught in English classes, but it also possesses potentiality for teaching Canadian history, law and politics.

For students in grades 7 – 9, Birdie should be taught carefully with age appropriate discussion and assignments developed by Educators.

For educational institutions working on implementing to Calls to Action as framed by the Truth and Reconciliation, this work can serve to anchor some of the development and dialogue anticipated by that document.



teachersguide birdie


Jacket illustration: Detail from Modern Girl, Traditional Mind Set by George Littlechild, an artist and author of the Cree Nation. 2010.

49" x 39". Mixed media on paper.



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